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Maintenance Plans

Prevent Future Problems

Enjoy peace of mind with preventative maintenance!

Peppers Heating & Air places your heating and cooling equipment in the hands of our highly skilled maintenance and repair technicians. We will visit your home two (2) times each year and perform a precision tune-up, a professional cleaning and a thorough safety inspection. Truly a superior service. Without regular servicing, heating and cooling systems waste energy and are more likely to break down more frequently.

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Replacing Air Filters can save you money

Save money on your electric bill and extend the life of your system.

Why Maintenance?

With annual maintenance, you can prevent costly repairs and experience worry-free comfort and you'll SAVE money rather than paying for separate spring and fall visits (pay once/yr).

Plus...you'll be identified as a "Priority Customer" which entitles you to preferred service scheduling and a special 10% discount on parts. You'll experience the "Peace of Mind" knowing that your home, your family, and your budget have now all been protected.

You will receive a call or e-mail from our office twice a year to schedule your service, so you do NOT have to remember to call us

Just like your car, your HVAC systems also need regular tune-ups.Your heating and cooling system will work better, last longer and operate more efficiently.

Routine service and 15 point planned inspection every SPRING and FALL (twice a year) will protect you from major system repairs, maintain your manufacturer's warranty, and improve the life of your unit.

A typical maintenance check-up will include tightening all electrical connections and measuring the voltage and current on motors. Faulty electrical connections can cause unsafe operation of your system and reduce the life of major components. We can provide a brochure of services performed each maintenance visit .

No long term commitments You are not bound to anything – Can cancel at any time


Spring / Summer

15 Point Tune-up
  1. Install gauges and check operating pressures
    Check refrigerant levels.
  2. Check voltage and amperage to all motors
    Checks the strength of the motor.
  3. Check air temperrature drop across evaporator
    Measures the change in the air temperature as it goes through the unit.
  4. Check capacitors
    Main point that fails - weak capacitors can cause motor failure
  5. Clean and check A/C condensor coil
    Wash the outside unit for better airflow in & out of the unit.(acid wash $60 extra)*
  6. Change filters
    This helps with air quality and airflow inside.
  7. Check safety controls
    Ensure safety limits of eletrical components
  8. Check starting contractor
    The on/off switch of the outdoor unit. Insects are attracted to it.
    A large amount of electricity is connected here.
  9. Check all wiring and connections
    Any loose / burned wires show signs of overheating.
  10. Check and adjust thermostat
    Reading correctlu, programmed right, and batteries are at full strength.
  11. Check air temperature across condenser
    This involves the health of the outdoor coil. We verify that it is flowing well internally and externally.
  12. Check ductwork
    Inspect the ductwork to confirm nothing is crushed or broken/sizing.
  13. Check that condensate drain is clear
    Clear the drain lines and condensation pump
    Ensure adequate flood protection is in place and functioning properly
  14. Check indoor blower motor for cleanliness
    The main fan that run; if dirty, it will shorten motor life.
  15. Check Inspect armaflex
    We check for proper insulation on refrigerant pipes. If not insulated correctly, it can cause water damage.

Fall/ Winter

15 Point Tune-Upk
  1. Check and adjust thermostat
    Running correctly, programmed correctly, and batteries are at full strength.
  2. Check indoor blower motor for cleanliness
    The main fan that runs; if dirty, it will shorten motor life.
  3. Check flue pipe
    We check flue pipe for corrosion and functionality.
  4. Check voltage and amperage to all motors
    Checks the strength of the motor.
  5. Change filters
    This helps with air quality and aiflow insde.
  6. Check limits for proper operation
    This verifies the furnace is not going to overheat.
  7. Check all wiring and connections
    Any loose / burned up wires showing signs of overheating.
  8. Clean rust & build up off burners
    Doing this ensure the heating source is working correctly.
  9. Check pressure switch
    Safety switch to the furnace (controls the exhaust).
  10. Clean negative pressure tubes & ports
    Safety precauion. If the furnace is clogged, it will not run.
  11. Inspect inducer moter
    This motor pushes out the exhaust.
  12. Check heat exchanger for failure
    A combustion analysis, carbon monoxide, and visual inspection to ensure no failures in the heat exchange.
  13. Check gas pressure
    We ensure gas pressures are correct.
  14. Check gas lines
    Inspect for corrosion and code violations.
  15. Perform maintenance on Indoor Air Quality products present
    Check air purifiers, humidifiers, and dehumidifiers to make sure they are working correctly.