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Air Conditioning Replacement

Invest in Your Home

Invest in your home with a new air conditioning!

Peppers Heating and Air is here for you when you are ready to invest in your home with a new air conditioning system. We are a fully licensed and insured heating and cooling contractor. We provide sales, service, and installation of high-quality comfort systems that are ideal for your home and business. Peppers Heating and Air provides results that last.

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Common Signs It's Time For A New Air Conditioner

  • Increased Utility Bills: Are your utility bills continuously increasing each summer? It might be time to invest in a new more efficient air conditioning. Save up to 50% on utility bills by investing in a new energy-efficient system.

  • Decrease in Comfort: Hot areas in your house on a summer day? This is caused by an air conditioner that is not effective enough to cool your home. A new full capacity air conditioning can offer full comfort in your home.

  • Excessive Repairs: Are you continuously having to get repairs to you air conditioning each summer? Invest in a new system with low monthly payments and receive a 10 year warranty on all parts, minimum with any new system. Also, a 5 year labor warranty option is available. A new system also comes with a free season of maintenance.

  • Outdated Equipment: Is your air conditioner at least 10 years old? If so, you are missing out on new technology! New air conditioning technology has allowed more comfortable, quiet, and efficient systems.